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Are Business Cards Still Important in the Social Media Age?

In spite of their small size, business cards are still very important for the development of any small business. Business owners   often hand them to their customers and prospects and are definitely a highly personalised and effective form of marketing. Their various design options offer many advantages for promoting your business in the most efficient way.

Below are a few reasons why business cards are essential in today’s digital age in order to grow your business.

They  Showcase Your Business Personality

A well designed card will portray more than just your name & phone number. It is your brand personality as well.  To make your cards stand out, just use a professional and skilled printing or digital branding agency service which offers various custom designs and patterns to create a great visual appeal.

First (and personal) Impressions Last

In today’s day and age, professionals are often overwhelmed with a lot of emails and all sorts of other requests. A business card can be an excellent reminder. When meeting in person, it is an affordable way to network and to reconnect in the future. The swapping of the business card is considered an essential part of an introduction. They can create a favourable and professional first impression of your business.

They Help  to Build  Brands

If you would like to grow your brand, business cards will help you be easily recognisable.  By including your company’s advertising slogan & logo, it will reinforce your brand with anyone who looks at your card.

Creative Cards Get Shared

When handing over a unique card which creates a positive impression, people are likely to show it to others, putting you as well as your brand before additional prospects.

Your Cards Show That You’re Prepared

Suppose you have met two persons, and one of them is looking for a pen, something to write on as well as another person is simply pulling out a nice card. Whom will you want to make your business partner? People appreciate your professionalism when you show them that you are fully prepared.

They Are one of Your Direct Marketing Tools

Email , Social Media Marketing and SEO – everything can work well together and attract leads and customers, however, these still can’t beat an in-person meeting along with a handshake and a card exchange. You can meet a prospective customer or client at any time, such as industry conferences, trade shows, airport lounges and the local bar! Ensure you grab each opportunity for making an important business connection. Keep some in your wallet, your laptop bag and even your car so that you are always ready to make that great first impression.