Why using a Free email service is bad for business

Why Using a Free Email Service is Bad for Business

There have been so many times that I have seen a business card with a gmail address on it.  In this day and age, where it has become extremely cheap and accessible to have a domain name, why do so many professional business owners still use a free email service for their email? Could it be to save money? Surely not. Perhaps then it is just down to being uninformed.  I get it: not everyone is clued up with everything to do with the internet, however if any business wants to be taken seriously today, then they MUST consider having their own domain name. Here are a few reasons why using a free email service for business is a bad move.

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It really does look unprofessional

In a world where it is very affordable and easy to have a website & email address, you may be sending the wrong message.

  1. Your company cannot afford a domain name with professional email.
  2. The email you sent is coming from your personal account and not your business account.
  3. You are not organised or professional enough to get a domain name for your company.
  4. You don’t care about privacy.

Hackers really like free email accounts

Due to the large amount of users, hackers often focus their efforts on breaching the databases of large email companies like Google, Hotmail and Yahoo. There have been large scale attacks over the last couple of years with the number of accounts compromised exceeding 272 million – most of which are with the services mentioned. Hackers will often use your account to send out spam or even adult content to your list of contact. Not exactly the kind of damage control you want to be doing. If you do continue to use free email, consider activating 2 step authentication, which similarly to logging in to your bank, will require a code sent by text to your phone.

Your email is likely to be marked as SPAM

Spammers like to use free email accounts when sending out SPAM as it is easy to set up and does not cost them a penny. It is for this reason that SPAM filter usually look for and block messages from free email services.

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“Free” Usually means “No Technical Support”

If your email service goes down, who are you going to call? With a web hosting company such as PortKey Solutions, you receive technical support which is more than one can say for the free services.

You are missing out on a great marketing opportunity

Using your domain name (usually your company name) in your email address is similar to how Product Placement is used in movies to remember a product even after the movie is over. By using your company domain name in your email correspondence, your are continually presenting your company name over and over again  – it is like free marketing.

Ok, so now that we have that out of the way, how do you obtain an email with your company domain? It is as easy as 1, 2, 3, with more info after following the link below:

  1. Choose your preferred domain name
  2. Fill in your details & submit the online form
  3. We will be in touch to set everything up.

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